What love really isListen now (20 min) | And why it is the essence of Christian living
The two lovesListen now (21 min) | Part 1 of an exploration of 'love' in the Christian life
I believe in alien lifeFaith as the foundation of Christian living
These threeA summary of the Christian life
A brief breakListen now (57 sec) | Hi everyone Just a short note to let you know that I’ll be taking a break from The Payneful Truth this week (and possibly next). …
Q&A with SimonListen now (37 min) | A wide-ranging chat about church resilience, singing, apologetics, evangelism and more.
The lordless power of SportListen now (15 min) | On why Sport and Fashion and Ideologies are potent spiritual forces
Take heedAll ministry (including pastoral leadership) means looking out for people.
Seven types of 'apologetics': Part 2Listen now (21 min) | God talk, 'positive apologetics' and prosecution—plus some thoughts on why we've become so 'apologetic'
Including extracts from ‘Learn the Gospel with Two ways to live’, and Phillip Jensen’s new book on the Holy Spirit
Seven types of 'apologetics'Listen now (20 min) | It might help us understand how apologetics and evangelism relate to each other if we could be clearer about what 'apologetics' a…
Q&A with EvanListen now (33 min) | A round up of the month’s questions on singing and mental health, plus some left-field discussion of ‘voluntary assisted dying’.