About The Payneful Truth

The Payneful Truth is a weekly newsletter and podcast from me, Tony Payne—a Sydney-based Christian writer and ministry trainer.

I launched The Payneful Truth for two reasons:

  1. Because I’m convinced that the biblical truth about Jesus Christ sets us free, and that (like all Christians) my joy and privilege is to speak that truth in love. This newsletter seems a convenient and obvious way for me to do that, given where God has put me.

  2. Because I’d love to equip and encourage you to do the same—to speak the truth in love in whatever context you find yourself: at home, at church, in the world. I hope you’ll use the weekly newsletters as a resource for having encouraging conversations with others. (And that you’ll jump in and join in truth-in-love conversation here as well.)

Why I am asking you to help pay for The Payneful Truth

The digital revolution that has made things like this newsletter/podcast technically so easy and so possible, has also made working out how to support writers and content creators of all kinds more complicated. One promising model that many people are exploring is simply to ask readers/listeners for small amounts of direct support, and that’s what I’m doing with The Payneful Truth.

I’m asking paying subscribers—or maybe ‘partners’ is a better word!—to chip in a few dollars a month, not only as a thank you for the work that goes into it, but to help support my broader work as a writer. You don’t have to, of course. There’s a free subscription option, if that’s best for you.

What do paying ‘partners’ receive?

If you sign up to be a paying partner, the first thing you’ll receive is my enormous gratitude, and the joy of being a generous supporter of Christian writing.

But you’ll also get access to everything that I’m writing and that lives here at The Payneful Truth. At the moment that means:

  • every weekly edition of The Payneful Truth, available both as a text newsletter and as a podcast;

  • full access to every past edition in the archive;

  • the ability to post questions and comments (on the website) or to email me—and I respond to every email;

  • the monthly Q&A podcast (where I chat with a ministry friend about the questions you’ve posed and more besides);

  • a regular Work-in-Progress report (every six weeks or so), where I let you know what other books and ministry resources I’ve been working on (that your contributions also support); this will include sample chapters and drafts;

  • a regular super-special offer from my friends at Matthias Media (about every two months).

Become a partner now

What do free subscribers to the list receive?

If you’re rather just be on the ‘free list’ that’s also totally fine. I’m very glad to have you on board as well. As a free subscriber, you’ll receive:

  • the monthly free public edition of the newsletter and podcast.

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Why a weekly email thing rather than a blog?

I really like the idea of permission-based communication. We’re all constantly being bombarded with content, articles, images, videos and countless miscellaneous attempts to get our attention. I don’t want to add to that. I’d like to earn the right to communicate with you by writing something that you find valuable, encouraging, and actually want to receive. A weekly email or podcast that you choose to get and can unsubscribe from any time seems perfect for that.

If you like The Payneful Truth and find it useful—then I’m writing it just for you. If you don’t: that’s really fine. It’s not for you. Go in peace to love and serve the Lord.

What sort of topics do you write about?

As you’ll see from browsing back through the archive, there’s a wide range of subjects—pretty much everything that the biblical truth of Christ bears upon. You’ll see posts about evangelism, living as a Christian, church life, theology, social questions, personal issues, and so on.

Do you still work with Matthias Media?

Yes, but not as an employee. I’m the chairman of the MM Board, and still love hanging out with my friends at MM when I can, and will keep publishing books and resources with MM for as long as they’ll accept my manuscripts.

But these days I no longer work as part of the editorial team at MM. I figure that the best way I can contribute is actually to write new books and resources. And that’s what I’m planning to spend the majority of my time doing over the next several years. (The Payneful Truth is part of that plan.)